Thursday, November 7, 2019

Celebrating Creativity

Every year the orchestra teacher and myself take 50 6th graders to the Joslyn Art Museum... 
and every year it is AWESOME! 

(this years group)

They spend the morning taking classes that focus on art, theater and music. 
Then we spend the afternoon listening to the Omaha Symphony perform (we can't photograph that).
It is always so much fun to see our kids enjoy the day 
and I am always so impressed with their behavior. 

Students were learning about theater makeup and how to make "bite marks." 

Students were learning how moving through dance works for storytelling. 

We get to have awesome docents take our students on fun gallery tours.

This years traveling exhibit is the St. John's Bible. It is amazing. Some students were able to learn about gilding and how it was used. 

Love that he had to wear an art shirt on the art field trip. 

and you can't forget the bus sing alongs... 
(even if I wish we could)

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Just Makes Me Happy!

The 5th graders have been finishing up their non-figurative paintings... and they just make me HAPPY! Stay tuned for the things that are going to be happening with these!