Thursday, August 30, 2012

Why is art so awesome....

After the usual this is how to enter the art room, how to work in the art room, how to clean up the art room speech, I had the kids do an assignment that was going to show them why I think art is SO AWESOME.  I handed out their folders and had them follow 5 directions.

  1. Draw 4 straight lines from one side to the other (they could be vertical, horizontal, diagonal or a mix).
  2. Draw 5 circles, any size, anywhere.
  3. Draw 2 lines that start on an edge, curve and end somewhere in the middle.  
  4. Color a minimum of 3 circles and 6 areas.
  5. Demonstrate your craftsmanship.
They worked on these drawings for the 2nd half of class and with about 10 minutes left we started to "grade" them.
 We looked at the first one and checked for all 5 requirements.

We gave it an A+ for having all the requirements.  

We then looked at the next project to "grade" it.
It also met the requirements for an A+ but looked totally different.
After repeating this "grading" process several times, I asked the kids if they could guess how this assignment would show them "why art is so awesome."

Every class got it right... they figured out that art is awesome because...
"we each came up with our own solution to the problem"
"nobody's was wrong, as long as they followed directions and worked hard."
"we each could be creative"
"we got to use our ideas and we had choices." 

* original idea came from*

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