Tuesday, September 12, 2017


Sometimes your life changes in huge seismic ways... Sometimes change creeps into your life and slowly you become a different person.

A few years ago I feel in love with blogging. I loved reading blogs. I loved writing blogs. It was a beautiful time. Then came twitter. Then came Instagram. Then Facebook.

Then came the day I realized it was all just too much!

I was struggling to keep up my digital presence. My digital world had me looking really good. I was able to teach rock star lessons, take my kids amazing places, cook wonderful food, serve on every committee and do it all. The truth was I was spending A LOT of time making it look that way. Meanwhile my kids were growing up, quickly, and I was hooked to a computer or my phone for most of it.

Truth is, I have only one chance to be their mom and I was missing it! I was stressed out about doing the right things, posting the right things and I was addicted to making sure I knew everything.

I would feel myself getting stressed so I would quit everything cold turkey. No Facebook. No Instagram. No Feedly. No Twitter... and that would feel great but it would only last for so long. Like many addicts I found I couldn't just "check real quick" without getting sucked back into the constant need for info-tainment.

This summer I read a book called "Present over Perfect" by Shauna Niequist and it spoke to my heart in a way not many books have. It helped me see what I had been feeling for a while. The world is FULL of stuff. You have to choose the stuff that works for you. The stuff that makes you happy and fills your world. It is okay to set parameters... and to live by them.

I have realized that I do enjoy being a part of the amazing online community of art educators but that I need balance between being online and being present in my life. So... my posts and photos may be sporadic. They might not be perfectly edited and professionally photographed but they will be me. They will be me sharing the things I love without the pressure of perfection and during the time I have allotted for them. I am sure it will be a learning adventure but here we go.     -Jen