Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Feedly it is....

So after a lot of playing around, investigating, trying, hating and retrying I have finally decided that Feedly is the future RSS for me.  I won't lie, I am still sad about Google Reader closing July 1st but the more I use Feedly the more I love it.

Here are my reasons to use Feedly...

  1. When I logged in the first time all my Google Reader subscriptions synced.  
  2. When I read through the posts a small "Pinterest P" is in the corner of each image.  By clicking on it I can save right back to the original blog post... no more saving some stuff in my reader and some on pinterest. 
  3. I can have multiple blogs "categories" of blogs.  I have technology/education, art ed, modern artists and personal/humor.  This way I can read only the blogs I want when I am short on time.  
  4. Feedly allows me multiple ways to see my posts: title only, magazine, full article.  
  5. For now, everything I do in Google Reader is done in Feedly... and vice-versa.  
So far my only dislike is that I have yet to find a way to see my "tag" groups.  I have them still listed by my saved posts but in Google Reader they were always below my subscriptions.

I hope everyone is having a GREAT SUMMER (or are at least getting close).  I will post some more from school when I head back up in June!