Monday, July 22, 2013

almost done...

If you recall a few posts back there was a light fixture in a box

Well I still have to finish up the bulb parts but here it is...

I am pretty sure my two little princesses will love it in their new room!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Oh my goodness...

So last fall I talked with my college professor, Dr. Pearl Hansen, and she urged me to submit a presentation idea to the Nebraska Art Teacher Association fall conference.  Well I got the email today telling me that I made the cut... Oh My Goodness.

I am going to present at a state conference...



Guess I better get to work on that so I don't mess things up to badly.

On another note, here is a before/after of the dresser I have been working on this summer. 
(there are 2 dressers in the set and I forgot the before picture of the long dresser.)
original look... mine from childhood

~new and updated~

and the fun chandelier I got for their room ($10) that required the scrubbing of 68 crystals.

Friday, July 12, 2013


I am not sure where all my "free" time has gone but yesterday the Welcome Back to School packet arrived in my mailbox.  I hope that all of you are having a great summer.  We sure are having a blast here in Nebraska.

We started the summer with a trip to YMCA of the ROCKIES with my husbands Pheasants Forever Group.  

WOW... what a wonderful place.  So much to do and so very family friendly.  I mostly had 3 kids by myself as he was in meetings and it was no big deal!  

Then we had baseball, gymnastics and dance (all the things I tell my kids no to during the school year).  I also have gone back to running and was able to medal for the first time in MY LIFE in any sort of athletic event... yeah I was pumped. 

Also we are moving so that means lots of cleaning, tossing, packing, sorting, throwing away are going on.  
I have also tackled refinishing my dressers from when I was a child for my girls to use in their new bedroom.  It is fun but I am so grateful for my professional painter hubby who is helping make my dream finish come true. 

I am relishing that we still have over 4 weeks till school starts but really I know that time will go fast.  I have 5th grade projects planned out... let's hope 6th grade gets done lickety split!