Saturday, November 14, 2015

Someone said it better than me...

I try to stay pretty neutral about online postings because I figure it isn't worth my time to get all wrapped up and argue with people around the world.

Today I just about broke my "silence."

A friend posted an article on Facebook about a sculpture that had anti-Semitic messages on in. In all fairness you can read the article here:

For some reason his ability to tear apart an artists work without even thinking for a moment that their is more (or less) to the story than he is making was crazy to me. The people posting had me getting more and more worked up. They were ready to ruin the artists entire career and label him a hate filled Anti-Semitic based on one other persons idea. I had my response ready but didn't hit the "submit."

For some reason it was really sitting wrong with me so later I searched for the article to reread it. When I did so I found it but I also found this really great article that brings perspective to the situation much better than I ever could. You should read it here!

It just really has me thinking about everyone being a little more kind and a little less judgmental. We know there are REALLY bad things in the world that we should be upset about. However, we should probably make sure that we are upset about the "right" things.

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