Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Secret's Out

I have been super excited to yell this from the rooftops but had to wait till the right time.

Well today is the day.

I am now a contributing writer to the the ART OF EDUCATION!
See... that's my name highlighted
Wow!  I still need to give it time to soak in.  I have been following AOE f-o-r-e-v-e-r!  Like since back when it was just Jessica and back when I typed the address in each time because I didn't have a blog reader.

They have always, always been a great source of amazing information.  Over the last few years it has really morphed into a leading online source for art teachers.  They cover everything art ed and work really, really hard to fulfill their tag line "ridiculously relevant professional development for art teachers."

If you haven't checked out their online conferences I would really, really recommend them.  You get to sit at home, in your jammies, sipping coffee (or whatever you like) while learning a TON of awesomeness for your classes. The next one is coming quickly in January so head over and read my article about one day clay projects... then check out the conference information.

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