Thursday, February 7, 2013

Invasion of the "Shape People"

I found this assignment that I had yet to post from back when Mr. Koehn was student teaching...

He started by introducing the 5th graders to the idea of a person being "in proportion."  He had them complete this worksheet to create a shape person who is drawn in human proportions.
Then they had to draw their person doing something... keeping it in proportion!
Then they had to paint them using a monochromatic color scheme. 

... it was really a great lesson for learning for Mr. Koehn.  He realized that something that is simple to us adults who have gone through art college is challenging to 5th graders.  He did a great job of adjusting to keep the lesson interesting to the students.  

Here are some of their final shape people...

 We finished the project by creating a city for our people and displaying them all together.  

I would love to have the students write "a day in the life of..." to finish this project if I reuse it!

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