Monday, March 14, 2011

Lesson Plans 3-14

This year I have a ton of fun posting my kids finished projects to but I wonder if parents really know what their kids are learning.  Starting today, I am going to challenge myself to always post my lessons to this blog...

5th grade:  Picasso "Paint" Portraits
    Students will examine the portrait work of Pablo Picasso to learn how the cubists would draw multiple views of the same object.  They will identify the profile and frontal views Picasso used in his portraits.  We will then practice using the Paint program to create our own "graphic design Picasso Portraits."  Students will be required to create a portrait that reflects the work of Pablo Picasso and shows mulitple views of their face.

6th grade: Line Drawings of Houses as Prints
   Students will explore printmaking.  They will be create a line drawing of a house of their choice.  They will transfer these to safety cut and carve away the "pencil lines."  We will then complete the process of printmaking with each student printing an edition of 3 house drawings.  They will also print once as part of our community project, creating a representation of our "town."

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